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January 14, 2013



Morning Kathy. It always catches me off guard when I stumble across the thing I most need to hear that day. This post, particularly the sentence "When the people you love are hurting themselves, it's tough to let them have their lives. (...)" had that effect for me today. Can this can apply to more than just people with addictions? I guess I'm thinking more of people who lean towards emotionally abusive behaviors.


Thanks for letting me know the post was helpful to you.

I think it definitely can apply to emotionally abusive behaviors. It applies to co-dependent relationships, and those are commonly emotionally abusive.

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Hi Kathy, thanks for checking in. I'm actually in therapy now. Just had a tough weekend after talking with a family member who needs that kind of 'tough love'. You're right. It's very, very hard.

Every time I think I've learned how to 'let them have their lives', their problems... I run into another situation with them that I realize I haven't yet really done so. And the interaction sends me downhill again. It's such a long road. Does anyone ever really get to the end of it? And get to the end feeling truly whole and peaceful? Fully accepting of self and of whatever the relationship can and cannot be?


Another perspective is to see this process as a continuing journey rather than a destination. It's absolutely possible to feel whole, peaceful and accepting. Although it feels as if there is no change, change is happening when the old behavior happens less frequently and each occasion doesn't last as long.

Be kind to yourself along the way.


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