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May 16, 2007



This was something that really strucked me hard last year. I am a people person to the tee. I accepted everyone. When my husband lost his job and still today is mostly unemployed, I had to take on the responsibility of managing the finances coming in. I worked and still work in the corporate world. I needed to bring in the BACON. Anyways, the traditional christian women shunned me, I was suppose to be submissive and stay home. My 3 kids wouldn't have appreciated this. I learned to tolerate there misdirected comments and stopped being churchy and explained our family's plight. I lost ALOT of my acquaintances, that I thought were my friends. I made a covenant with my Holy God and made sure that I was surrounded by woman who inspired,directed(God's counsel), and who lifted me up to stick beside me.. It's no longer tolerence for people for me, but survival. I simply lost a huge part of time. My Time- to be a woman of GOD

Denise S

As a former "endurer" of many things, I believe that learning how to accept others was the single most important factor in saving my marriage.

As you stated Kathy, I used to believe that acceptance meant I was condoning and agreeing with other people's choices. Instead, I learned acceptance required me to release my rigid and demanding (and often, unreasonable) expectations of how other people should live their lives. Acceptance required me to give up a good many things I held dearly, such a need to try to control, self-righteous justification, holier-than-thou attitude and a judgmental nature. (Yes, I know what you're thinking, and no, I was not a lot of fun to be married to for a few years!)

It took (and still takes) a great deal of effort and a willingness to let God change me, but it was worth it. I am grateful God loved me enough to let me come to the end of myself, for it was then that I came to Him!

Kathy Guy

I love your heart, Denise. I'm grateful for your leadership at your willingness to share your journey with others.

Eric Bryant

Thanks for your insights!

Eager to hear your thoughts on my book. Thanks for picking it up!


I just read somewhere (and I apologize I can't remember where) that acceptance meant loving the 'person', not necessarily their actions...thanks for your thoughts on this!

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